Microsoft SQL Server Database Design and Optimization

Keep your databases up and running smoothly. Microsoft SQL Server is complex software and performance can quickly deteriorate for many reasons such as inefficient queries, improper indexing, network latency, or I/O issues.
Optimize Performance

At some point, you are going to experience issues with database performance. When you have a website that is unresponsive and error logs show several “Database Timeout” messages, the result can be devastating and can decrease the value of your company, especially if you have an online service with high concurrent usage.

  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Increase the performance of SAN storage for your databases
  • Reconfigure I/O and storage configuration
  • Enhance data quality and security
  • Meet compliance and industry standards
  • Optimize indexes, improve scalability
  • Scale resources up or down based on your business needs
Pinpoint SQL Server performance issues and identify potential bottlenecks

We will investigate your SQL Server estate in order to ascertain suitability and identify areas for improvement, both in technical and performance terms. This includes checking:

  • Performance measures
  • Databases are performing adequately
  • Instances correctly configured for workload type
  • Poor performing queries
  • Number of concurrent users
  • Table and Row locking considerations
  • Index tuning and maintenance analysis
  • Storage Configuration
  • Appropriate database configuration
  • File placement analysis
  • Collation sequences
  • Size and growth management
  • Temp tables and views
  • Slow queries
  • use of CTEs

Saggio Technologies will prepare a comprehensive summary report detailing the SQL Server configuration with immediate improvement opportunities as well as long term recommendations.