Russia’s ultimate supply chain hack

Early yesterday morning we were notified that there was a major Russian hack on an American company called SolarWinds. Like many business technology companies, SolarWinds may not be a household name, but its reach extends around the world. This hack affects organizations that have SolarWinds products installed. 

What we know now is that Russian hackers infiltrated a company in Austin, Texas with more than 300,000 customers around the world, including a number of U.S. agencies, all five branches of the US military’s very sensitive national security agencies, and most Fortune 500 companies.

It’s the ultimate supply chain hack — a company that has remote access to hundreds of thousands of organizations around the world, including some of the biggest companies and the most critical government agencies. And by simply compromising them, you immediately open up the door to all these targets.

Spies working for an agency like Russia’s SVR intelligence agency would be willing to put substantial effort into hacking a company like SolarWinds, given how much payoff it could provide.

If you have any SolarWinds products installed, you must disable/deactivate/isolate it or the affected systems. Please contact us if you are affected by this incident and have questions.

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If you are a current client of Saggio Technologies and we have direct knowledge of a known risk, we will be calling you (or have called you already). If you are not a client but have discovered that you have a SolarWinds product, please reach out ASAP and we can walk you through the next steps.

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