7 Benefits of Outsourcing your Software Maintenance

Outsourcing software maintenance

Now that your software product is live, users begin to use your software and the first bug reports start hitting your issue tracker. As your features get exploited more and more, new ideas and enhancements reach your feedback channels. A security report comes in, tagging a well-trusted library with a serious vulnerability…

IIS Performance Monitoring

IIS Server problems

Everyone wants better performance and response from web applications. These days in web applications, performance is very crucial from a user and business point of view. Web Servers are easy to set up when things are small, however it’s extremely difficult to set up when things start to scale.

If there’s a problem with your server, your web presence will be negatively impacted, and end user experience will deteriorate.

Join our Slack Community

Along with upgrading our software maintenance services at Saggio Technologies, we have created a Slack workspace for our paid customers. Our slack workspace is where you will communicate with your Saggio Technologies development team. We have created a Slack workspace for our customers on Saggio Technologies so that you can get the most out of … Read more

What happens in the Maintenance Phase of Software Development?

The last phase of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is the maintenance phase. This is sometimes known as the stewardship phase. The maintenance phase of the SDLC begins after the software has been placed into operation. In the maintenance phase, software is given upgrades, bug fixes, patches and more. When software finally lands in this … Read more

What is a Fractional Architect?

When you consider what is mission-critical to your organization, you often think about what tools, tactics, and strategies will help to achieve your goals.  Our on-demand software engineers can mentor your software engineers and project managers, evaluate your processes, prescribe enhancements, and execute solutions. At Saggio Technologies, we bring an objective mindset sans technology affinities. … Read more

Remote work…Know when to disconnect

Remember that if you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will. — Greg McKeown

When you’re working away from an office, you might be tempted to sit at your desk till 3 a.m. to get that last project completed. Successful remote work requires you to put boundaries in place that protect both your work and your life from becoming inextricably linked.

What your people need now

People need to trust leaders always. But especially now. Your workforce is looking to trust you. And it will trust if it believes leadership cares for each individual, the community, and humanity as a whole. Beyond caring, leaders must show they have a plan. You don’t have to know everything, but you do need to … Read more

This powerful collaboration tool needs no introduction

This is, without a doubt, a mighty collaboration tool with millions of users around the globe. The app also supports video calling. You can use the feature to talk to your colleagues about projects and work in-depth, without having to type everything into a direct message.