Enjoy the job, not the title

Not everyone is going to identify as a ‘rockstar’. No matter how great they are at coding, few software developers would really consider their work to be magic-wielding wizardry. And not every coder needs their role romanticizing with grandiose descriptions.

The best software developers are those happy to just be developers. They don’t see themselves as gurus. In the world of software development, there’s a lot to be said for those who avoid the fancy titles. It is the hard work that goes behind quality code that shines – not a shiny label.

One of the key elements of the flashy-titled software developer is that it suggests a high level of ego. Egotistical software developers are over-confident in what they can do, and they don’t need help doing it.

Too much ego can alienate colleagues and disrupt workflows. It makes collaboration difficult, which then impacts productivity. The lone tech genius is a myth — software developers need to be team players.  A great software developer doesn’t exude ego, but they’re willing to listen and support their team members.

This kind of humility has a key role in software development. The field, after all, is a role in which everyone is always learning. New ideas, ways of thinking, and innovative software solutions can come from anywhere. 

A great software developer will work with a team, they’re humble, and they enjoy the job for what it is. 

Someone with the title of Senior developer is a more solid indication of experience and skill than coding ninja. When you have a passion for the job, why would you want to be titled as anything else?