IIS Performance Monitoring

Everyone wants better performance and response from web applications. These days in web applications, performance is very crucial from a user and business point of view. Web Servers are easy to set up when things are small, however it’s extremely difficult to set up when things start to scale. 

If there’s a problem with your server, your web presence will be negatively impacted, and end user experience will deteriorate. To attain a high level of performance, you need IIS server monitoring. 

How Does IIS Performance Monitoring Work?

IIS performance monitoring allows you to proactively measure and collect metrics and log data related to web server performance. When you monitor IIS performance, you can locate and target problems more quickly—ideally before your end users begin experiencing the impact of those problems. 

Without monitoring IIS performance, you could end up leaving your site (and your users) hanging. At best, this will leave a bad taste in your user’s mouths. At worst, they’ll stop using your services.

IIS Server problems:

  • Server overload due to overutilization of resources such as memory, CPU, etc
  • High concurrent connections and connection drops
  • Application pool failure
  • Expiry of SSL certificates
  • High response time of the ASP.NET request handling service
  • High CLR wait time
  • Improper caching

Saggio Technologies can quickly review the configuration and make recommendations. We will collect, visualize, and alert on key IIS metrics including latency, rejected connections, HTTP status codes, connect counts, slow response times, and more.