What is a dedicated software engineering team?

When you consider what is mission-critical to your organization, you often think about what tools, tactics, and strategies will help to achieve your goals. Our dedicated software engineers can mentor your staff and project managers, evaluate your processes, prescribe enhancements, and execute solutions.

At Saggio Technologies, we bring an objective mindset sans technology affinities. We stay committed to the latest technology landscape, methodologies, and trends and we seek out the swiftest path to business success using appropriate technologies. 

Our results-focused dedicated software engineering team can accommodate your specific needs at the right budget to solve complex challenges and exceed expectations. 

Fractional Architect Services

At Saggio Technologies, we set the bar high. Our dedicated software engineers work for multiple clients at once and never for just one client at a time. By constantly exposing them to new challenges, our software engineers develop incredible skills.  

That’s why their vast experience is sought after by virtually everyone in the industry. Our world-class software engineers are able to rapidly identify and solve different challenges, giving Saggio Technologies a strong competitive edge. 

How do I get started?

First, you’ll meet with a member of our customer success team who will listen to your high-level needs. This will be followed by a one-on-one consultation with a software architect from our dedicated software engineering team. Together we will explore your needs in-depth and determine personnel and process strengths and gaps that you might have.

Once we have established a road map to success, you’ll be assigned an expert-level software engineer that will join your team on a part-time basis. You will have direct access via email, telephone, and instant messaging (Slack) as well as coordinated meetings, either on-site (local clients only) or remotely. You will not have to pay for office desk-space as your new team member offices elsewhere. 

What’s Included:

  • Code reviews with fast results
  • Participation in design consultations
  • A dedicated Slack Channel in Saggio Technologies’ workspace where live discussions with your assigned Software Architect take place in real-time
  • Video Conference calls, phone calls, SMS chats
  • On-site meetings (Local Clients Only)
  • Ability to add your engineers to your dedicated channel with direct access to consult your Saggio Technologies Software Architect
  • Ongoing mentorship from an experienced Software Architect
  • Rapid responses to all inquiries
  • A monthly journal of activities throughout the duration of service

Saggio Technologies delivers high performance, superior quality solutions so that you can immediately fill critical skill gaps and enjoy a flexible workforce arrangement.