To Customize, or not to Customize…

Not all customer needs are the same so there are things to consider when making this decision. 

It is important to take the time to identify whether an off-the-shelf solution or custom software will help you achieve maximum results, meet business requirements, and add profit long-term. 

When you buy an off-the-shelf solution, you might pay for 80% of the applications available but only use 20%. When you customize, the technology works for your business and your needs.

Custom software can be built to accommodate specific needs at the right budget with the ability to scale as needs, priorities, and to exceed its critical mission – so that technology fits into the culture, not against it.

Customization in Action

Having a custom software solution not only gives you a proprietary platform that can meet specific needs, but it can also be built with the goal of increasing ROI. When mission, values, and vision are important to success, the technology had to match it. In a short time, the custom software will pay for itself despite annual licensing and maintenance fees and upgrade costs. 

Not all customer needs are the same so there are things to consider when making software decisions. 

  • Are your processes unique and do they give you a competitive advantage?
  • What is the cost of licensing and upgrades? 
  • Will you be affected by the lack of control and having a direct say in when the software improves?
  • Will your needs evolve or can off-the-shelf sustain your growth in a timely manner?

Business needs vary greatly from one organization to the next, which is why you should consider the above questions and help gauge where you are today as a company and where you want to go. By future thinking and forward planning, you can seek a solution that won’t become obsolete. It is vital that we all make a plan for your business and implement ideas for it to still be growing and functioning in 5 years, 10 years, etc…and your software should support that.

Custom Software Development. We can build it.

Saggio Technologies provides custom software development services to emerging and established companies, bringing ambitious ideas to life. Our exceptional result focused development team has the technical expertise to build you the best possible outcome.

Times are changing. Things today are not how they used to be a couple of years back and the modern-day consumer is super intelligent and more informed than ever.

Things will change every 3 to 4 years. That’s the norm.

As the way we consume information changes, there will be newer ways to get things done. A custom software application can be tweaked, updated and patched depending on our needs and rolled out again. Custom software can be perpetually made to be relevant in the industry, therefore future-proof.

Custom software can expand or downsize an application’s scope and functionalities depending on your needs. If your business is expanding across diverse markets, we could seamlessly add new features to support this. We can also trim down a lot of features if you’re pivoting. This is not the case with traditional software applications, making custom software scalable.

With licensed software, you end up paying for features you don’t use or are irrelevant to your business. This turns out to be expensive in the longer run.

Custom software only develops features that are inevitable and ideal for your business requirements. This may be expensive at times – depending on the company that develops your software and other factors – however custom software development over time is the most cost-effective solution by far.

When you use big company software, you become one of their “users”. When you need support, you’re usually put on hold or given a ticket that has a conflict-resolution time of 48 hours.

While you could wait, customers depending on your solutions cannot.

With custom software development, you are a premier client who receives swift action and assistance when needed. 

Popular software applications have widespread usage with hackers fully aware of their vulnerabilities and how to compromise popular software.

Custom software is more secure mainly because of the fact that they have been built for niche purposes. This drastically reduces the chances of intrusions, attacks and other security threats.

When you consider what is mission-critical to your organization, you often think about what tools, tactics, and strategies will help to achieve your goals. Technology and software solutions are a big part of that mix, and Saggio Technologies works with clients to help determine the best path to success.